Rome And Greece Similarities

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In the world we know today has blossomed from empires, kingdoms, and civilizations. Two of our amazing civilizations were Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. Both Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome had many similarities but very distinct differences. Rome and Greece were peninsulas. Greece land was mostly two-thirds mountainous ranges that crisscross the west coast, and very independent city-states to eventually unite into one nation. Rome an empire has a river named Tiber that flows through it and numerous hills. All citizens in Athen (Greece) , even women could work , but women had home-based jobs while the men had government and military jobs. Rome and Greece religion was based on gods who reflected as a person of nature forces and regulated…show more content…
Greeks was very self-sufficient system of trades, they didn't have many slaves and many were considered servants to the wealthy nobles. Also exporting food and raw materials. Rome accumulated their wealth by trading and selling pottery, bronze, iron, lead and silk. Rome had many trading partners , and relied on others for many of their raw products. Both Greece and Rome mainly relied on the Mediterranean Sea for trades and travel. Greeks had slaves but Roman believed in treating them fairly and would rather make…show more content…
Greece had many conflicts but two important conflicts were The Persian War and The Peloponnesian War. The Persian Empire took over Ionian poleis, under the Lydia control. Ionian cities revolted and asked the Athens for help. King Darius 1 crushed the revolt by burning polis of Millets in revenge. The Battle of Marathon was most decisive in history. The Greek army with the help of Spartan army defeated the Persian force. The Peloponnesian War was between Spartans and Athens. Both city-states feared one another from gaining more power than the other which basically caused this unwanted war. Sparta declared war on Athenians. Years of fighting the Spartans and Athens came to an agreement of compromise treaty. Rome had very violent wars but two main wars were The War with Hannibal and The 3rd Civil War: Antony v.s. Octavian. Rome declared war on Hannibal, Hannibal defeated Rome in three major battles within three years. Almost the whole Roman army was destroyed or imprisoned. Rome , new general , Scipio ; Hannibal and Scipio meet in legions at Zanna. Carthage was forced to pay a huge war indemnity , eventually Hannibal fled and committed suicide. Antony v.s. Octavian war ; after the death of great-uncle Caesar , Octavian took over with Mark Antony by his side. Antony started becoming so in love with Cleopatra, Egyptian Queen. Even so much he started to give her control over Roman territories. Eventually Octavian found out about Antony giving away

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