Compare And Contrast Ancient Greece And Rome

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About 200 years after the height of Ancient Greece, Rome started to form, and looked at Greece as an influence. These two empires are both so similar to each other because Rome followed after Ancient Greek traditions as a basis for their culture and daily lives. Moreover, Rome and Greece both had a height in their empires and also had a downfall. Even though Rome followed after Greece in many ways they also had their own unique events and cultural traditions. Being two of the most influential empires during their reigns they both flourished under their government status’ they held, their similar religious practices, and through their creations and inventions. Throughout time every empire or country has needed a ruling system to control and improve their lands. Nonetheless, Ancient Greece and Rome did so by creating their own government types that both were akin to each other, but still very different. The Ancient Greeks created a government that was constructed around the people and their opinions. The government ruling is known as…show more content…
The Ancient Greeks applied the literature skills to writing tragic and comedic plays and poetry, and their inquisitiveness about prior historical events to start recording events in their time. They used their artistic creativeness to build magnificent sculptures and architectures that are still used as inspiration for modern architecture. Very much like the Greeks, Romans used their creativeness to construct mosaics that depict life in Rome. Also, they started using concrete for architecture. As well as using their artistic skills Romans started using their dexterity in engineering to form aqueducts, waterways, throughout Europe. Looking at the competence of the Greeks and Romans through their art forms and inventions we see how they are able to flourish through

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