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The Medici family used its success from commerce and banking to support the arts and humanities that made Florence in a flourishing culture. In the 13th century the Medici family first acquired its wealth and political power. The start of the Medici history begins with Cosimo de’ Medici who, in 1434, rose to power. Florence became the center of the Renaissance by the assistance of the Medici family’s support of the arts. The Medici’s have produced many note-worthy people; including, four popes, two queens of France, and in 1531 the Medici family became the Dukes of Florence. The end of the three century long Medici line occurred in 1737. The start of the Medici family came about in a very unusual way. The Medici’s immigrated to Florence around the 12th century from the Tuscan village of Cafaggiolo in the Mugello region of the Tuscan countryside. They worked their way up the social ladder by gaining wealth and power through banking and commerce, and they ended up rising to being one of the most important families in Florence. The Medici’s were connected to many other top families in Florence through marriages, partnerships or business transactions. These connections gave them a central part in the social network, and allowed them to be very connected. As they rose in the in wealth they funded the Medici Bank,…show more content…
After the Medici line gave up their old republican sympathies they established a more authoritarian rule. This produced some stability in Europe, but it ultimately led to the region’s decline as a cultural center. In 1720 after Cosimo II died, Florence and Tuscany declined because of unsuccessful Medici rule. In 1737 the last Medici grand duke, Gian Gastone, died without a male heir leading to the end of the line. The dynasty died with him. The European powers agreed to hand control of Tuscany to Francis of Lorraine who would begin a new European reign, the Hapsburg-Lorraine

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