1906 Earthquake Research Paper

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No one knows the outcome of an earthquake. They hit unexpectedly at any hour of the day. Two earthquakes devastated San Francisco, California in 1906 and 1989, leaving behind many deaths and people without homes; and others wondering what will happen in the future. The earthquake in 1906 struck at 5:12 am on April 18, 1906 in San Francisco Bay. The quake came from the San Andreas Fault that ran about 810 miles across California. Its epicenter was around San Francisco (Ellsworth). It was reported that the earthquake was also felt in many other locations being Oregon, Los Angeles, and Nevada (“1906”). Its magnitude of 7.8 shook the earth for about 25 to 50 seconds, the longest shake being 45 to 60 seconds (Ellsworth). The earthquake destroyed…show more content…
An earthquake has not hit this hard since 1906. At around 5:04 pm the earthquake “Loma Prieta” hit with the magnitude of 6.9 for about 15 seconds (“San Francisco”). The Loma Prieta earthquake was also caused by the San Andreas Fault. the quake’s epicenter was located in Santa Cruz Mountains, south of San Francisco (“San Francisco”). It was also felt in other cities like Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, and Monterey (“San Francisco”). Many buildings were destroyed and free ways collapsed. The tragedy happened to occur while the 1989 World Series was on. At that very moment the San Francisco Giants were playing against the Oakland Athletics. (San Francisco”). That day there were 63 deaths and around 3,500 injured (“Earthquake”). A mall collapsed along with many bridges and the transportation systems was also destroyed. A lot of people were left homeless with all of their belongings destroyed. Property damage added up to be around six billion. The whole city was in destruction. The government and many other organizations helped out by building refugee camps for the earthquake victims. Many companies have worked to rebuild safer systems of water, transportation, electricity, and communication (“1989”). To rebuild the buildings that were destroyed, they made sure they were more resistant to earthquakes. San Francisco was built as the modern city it is

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