Roller Coasters Research Paper

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I have over come riding rollers. One day when i was little i was afraid to ride rollercoasters. I sat out of every ride. my friends begged me to go on the rollercoasters with them but i wouldnt go on the ride. Still at the corn boil still i would not go ont he big rides. Then one day on our drie to six flags it was sunny and warm. I was scared becuase i didnt want to ride the big rides. Till it was lunch time i ate my chicken nuggets. Then after we were going to go on the drop. The drop is a big ride. I was so scared. We were in line. I thought that i may not go on it. Me my mom friends and their mom went on the ride with us. I closed my eyes then i opend them we were up so high. I thought that i was going to fall out of the ride. I loved the

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