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Jamestown was the first permanent settlement for Britain, established in 1607 on the Virginian coast. In theory, it should have been a highly successful settlement. However through the combination of environmental, food, and human is used, it barely survived. The main issue was that caused the destruction of Jamestown was, ultimately, human error. For example, when they first arrived, they spend several months searching for gold instead of building homes. This is just one of the several terrible errors made by the settlers. Firstly there was the problem of food. While Virginia has a very fertile Coast, and the potential for good crops such as main was high, the fact that they did not plant anything before the winter came caused a very severe…show more content…
Instead of sending over supplies and tradesmen, they were sending over mostly gentlemen without proper supplies. Along with these gentlemen, they sent scheming politicians, who, instead of governing the town, spent more time attempting to gain even more power back in Britain. After these people were sent over another ship, filled with supplies and a new governor, capsized on a reef. Some of the survivors, amassing 2/500 people, arrived to Jamestown. The original settlers of Jamestown themselves were already suffering, so there was no place to put the new arrivals. Thus, these new arrivals were placed in the cornfield, where the Holy devoured the entire field in a solid three days. Again this light to another food crisis. So, a small group of men was sent up the river to negotiate with nearby Indians for maize, which they were supposed to bring back to the people of Jamestown. Instead, they decided it would be better to just sell home back to England and eat all the corn on the way. It was because of these actions that led to further negotiations going poorly, along with even more starvation and death. All in all, human error such as deedee just created a chain of events that destroyed jeans down almost

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