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Roller coasters are the most popular amusement ride of all time. Roller coaster companies are finding new ways to break the laws of physics and make the rides more enjoyable for all ages. The physics of a roller coaster make each coaster different. But one component stays the same. That is the first hill is the tallest part of the ride. Wild Eagle, Diamondback, Rockin Roller Coaster, and Thunderhead, and Space Mountain are all roller coasters that are very different and have their own personal qualities. Wild Eagle was the first winged coaster in the world located at Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee with a lift hill of 210 feet. After that plummet, you fly into a 110 foot loop, to a 0 g roll. Your last 2 maneuvers include an immelmann and…show more content…
Thunderhead is a wooden roller coaster that. crosses over itself 32 times. This 3,230 foot track has a 100.4 foot lift hill with a 100 foot drop. This wooden coaster built in 2004 has a fly through station 8 feet above the ride exit reaching speeds of 53 mph. The storm is coming. Take cover! Finally let's blast into space on Space Mountain at Disney’s Magic Kingdom in Orlando Florida. Space Mountain is a dark ride indoors like Rockin Roller Coaster a few miles away. This ride has a top speed of 28 miles an hour and is filled with planets stars and strobe lights. Dim lighting can be found in the line before you get to the space pod A:K:A the loading area. The cars are 6 to a train in a single file fashion to see the stars of space indoors. Blast Off! There are many ways these coasters are similar and different. The differences include the speed, length, materials used, and many more reasons. The similarities are more important in this experiment. The similarities include car displacement, weight distribution and the most important is that in all of the coasters, the first hill is the tallest part of the ride My experiment will try and break the laws of physics as well by making the first hill many different heights to prove the first hill is the deciding factor in a roller coaster’s success. Coaster

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