Women's Brains By Stephen Jay Gould Summary

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Sherese Gould English 125 10/08/15 Women are superior to men. The general public would immediately shut this statement down by opinions rather than facts. I want to prove that women have become the dominant gender in today's society. This argument will be made using several online articles, stories from the book Fields of Reading Motives for Writing I will be assessing Stephen Jay Gould’s essay “Women’s Brains” . We aren’t just the “ housewives” that most people mainly view women as instead we are bold, independent and ofcourse the dominant gender. Women are always viewed upon as the stay at home mom who takes care of the kids and the household or being dependent on a man for everything. The way society has been set up from the start of…show more content…
Such as, apply for credit cards, keep a job while being impregnated, and have legal abortions in majority of the states. In fact, women weren't even allowed to receive an Ivy league education. During the late 1970s and early 1980s, almost all of the legal battles when it came to women were all finally coming to an end. Women did not have complete access to abortions although it was not strictly prohibited and illegal as before. They were able to attend universities with no trouble just as the men were. All in all, women were viewed upon as equal to…show more content…
In her book she mentions, In the past, "Men had an advantage because of their size and strength, but now women are speeding past men in schools, at home and in the workplace.” I completely agree with this statement made by Hanna. Women being involved with politics became a big thing during the 1990s and early 2000s. Indeed, in the year on 1992, it was known to be “ The Year of Women.” The former first lady during this time was Hillary Clinton who then became the senator. Views towards her had women feeling even more empowered as if they can do basically anything if they put their minds to it and it had the men in awe. Not only were women getting into politics but they were also getting jobs such as lawyers, teachers, doctors, and executives. Women were more independent than ever. Women are taking over these jobs that were known as the dominant fields of

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