Role Of Technology In Fahrenheit 451

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Is 21st century technology diminishing our human experience? Definitely. Technology in our modern day lives has focused on providing gratification-on-demand. In doing so, it has removed some of the wonders of the world and in the process reducing the chaos and mystery which make the human experience magical. Technology is great for industry, but it take away from our lives? Forget about productivity and being politically correct. Technology enhances our learning abilities, however it diminishes our emotional structure. We should really work to enhance the human experience, which makes us who we are. “It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.”-Albert Einstein 1945. Albert Einstein could not have said it better. Researchers say that 10% of poor families have a working smartphone. There is very little for these families to eat, yet there is an available smartphone to use. In Fahrenheit 451, the same dilemma occurs. The people are so focused on technology and being up-to-date, they forget about the more important things in life. Mildred is a prime example. She will hours upon hours watching the “parlor walls”, while listening to its nonsense. This describes our society perfectly. We sit in front of a computer or cellular device, while watching and listening to irrelevancy. There…show more content…
Statistics show that 58% of children in school, lack social skills because of our default to technology. They would rather have a virtual friend oppose to a human being. Statistics also show that, 7 out of 10 students will zone out in class because of a cell phone. These statistics help us in no way. There are much greater dilemmas in our society that we should be focused on, instead we decide to become angry or cause an uproar because Facebook will not load. Are these the kind of problems we should be focused on? Or does technology have the answer for that

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