Role Of Technology In Fahrenheit 451

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Technology has advanced in many ways for the best and for the worse over the years. Technology has helped us to find cures for terrible diseases and explore the world and universe for what it is, but technology has also consumed the minds of children, young teens, and even adults to be oblivious to the world and their surroundings. In the book, Fahrenheit 451, there is many uses of technology that is designed for the better, but other uses have some negative effects. The uses of technology in Fahrenheit 451 are much like the uses in the real world. For instance, they use technology for defensive and protective purposes such as, Mechanical Hounds injecting a type of poison to their victim to take them out. The Hounds are programmed to attack anything at the command of their “master”.…show more content…
Unfortunately, these uses are common to the uses in the real world. For example, the protagonist's wife, Mildred, majority of the time has headphones on called, “seashells.” The “wall to wall circuit” attached to the seashells allows her to enter into the television programming and lose herself. She becomes unaware of the world around her until she is taken out of her state. This is much like teens and their excessive use of headphones to listen to music, videos, podcasts, etc. Much like Mildred, almost exactly, teens lose themselves in these entertainment states and become oblivious to everything and everyone. The consequences to these uses vary due to how much time these teens waste their life listening to useless

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