Personal Statement: Applying Chapter 1 To Someone Else's Chapter 20

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Personal Statement Everyone has a story. Everyone is different. Everyone is unique. A quote that inspired me was “Don't compare your chapter 1 to someone else's chapter 20.” As a kid, my parents has always been strict and conservative. Often when my parents lecture me they would always compare me to other kids and how they are better than I am. This was something they did not know that did not motivate me at all, matter of fact, it did the opposite. Now that I am older, I know what is good and how I can improve myself. The things my parents lectured me did not motivate me but they pushed me to be a better person that I am today. I strive to better myself everyday mentally and physically. As we journey through life, we cannot help but compare ourselves to others. Most people only compare how fortunate others are but they never see how unfortunate others can be, your chapter 1 might be someone’s chapter 20. I did admit that I do this too but I do not forget that I am also fortunate. I work to be…show more content…
As a student I always try to help others and understand other people's situation. I look to improve as a student and as an individual. During school I push myself to stay on track and to look towards the future. Achieving good grades is one thing, but sports and clubs are also a priority. As an individual, I strive to be the best that I can be, when I am determined to achieve I will work 120% to get there. Since my parents have always been strict and conservative, I want to work hard for them to believe that there will be change and life will be good. Everyday seeing how hard they really work for me and my siblings but they do not complain really motivates me. My parents provide me with all the necessity which they might not think I notice but this is what motivates me the most of all. I want to succeed to show them the

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