Russian Family And Stass Play

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The video shows how children relate to living in the world of giants, and how their parents influence that world. They react to their siblings, and the world around them in response to their parent’s interaction with each child. In the Russian family, the dynamic between the older sibling “Stass” and the rest of his family really shows through, especially in conjunction to his aggression. It is noted that the family’s lack of acknowledgement, and patronizing responses really add to the frustration animosity the child feels towards his sibling. This spills over into other facets of his life. He takes his aggression out on his stuffed animals, talks back to the nurse, and tells her he is going to kill her. He also sets his sights on the sound technician by hitting him and telling him he doesn’t care about him. Very upsetting to see as a parent.…show more content…
The play is very peaceful, and group oriented. The quiet, subdued nature of the Japanese culture shows through in the play of the children, in that they do play quietly there is no hitting or roughhousing. They play in a smaller area even though the playground is much larger area, which shows the influence of community, and social aspects. The sibling jealousy does show through when the older sibling has some accomplishments with toy, games, or praise from the parents etc. That in part has to do with the lack of motor skills the younger child hasn’t developed yet. The Mother did state that the timing of the birth of the youngest coincided with the oldest starting kindergarten, and she felt that she inadvertently neglected the middle

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