Leadership Stages Of Huawei

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Stages in sustaining and building brands: Brand vision, brand objectives, brand audit , brand resourcing and brand evaluation are stages in building and sustaining brands (Chernatony 2006) . Brand's vision stage : I believe that Huawie's good vision protect the businesses from any failure, this vision enables Huwawei's management to clarify the future's position , and enable the organisation to organise the activities and stages to achieve the aims perfectly and this is supported by Chernatony (2006) he mentioned that ''vision is put by senior managers for making the world a better place. It's the way to fast future and competitive advantage through these brands''. Therefore, Huwawie's brand's values and culture lead to preferable behaviour…show more content…
Since the existence and the continuity of any organisation depends on its relationship with its customer and this is supported by Majavaet et al. (20014) He mentioned that treating customers as partners is a very useful strategy. Creating the company's culture is another strategy that helps Huawei to provide a brand with a competitive advantage ( Srikant 2015 ) I believe that because Huawei company's culture is very supportive it continues to harvest the success, the company depends on the flexibility with its employees and hard work, the focusing was on the team work and called this approach (the way of the wolf), respect, innovation, creativity, and responsibility all of these combinations create the success and growth globally and gain the competitive advantage and this is supported by Hudera (2006) mention that the culture of the company is considered as a must need in order to enable the organisation to…show more content…
From my view Huawei has become the new favourite in the Android mobile phone market by its low price and innovative technology. Since it adopted 4 ps strategies in the Arab world. Saif &Aimin (2015) mention that 4ps strategies are followed in the middle East; Product strategy:. Huawei differentiate their products. Additionally, they updated features of smart phones. I believe that it also focus on the Customers satisfaction, buying and favourability. The design, services and keep good public image is the Huwawei core strategy . Price strategy: Huawei With larger price elasticity, its phones remain at around acceptable prices .Place strategy: Huawei has set up off-line mobile phone stores. Its sales volume in the first three quarters of 2013 amounted to 12.7 million, ranking third in the world with 4.8% market share. Huawei has undoubtedly become a rising star. Promotion strategy: a product’s good reputation will go viral and spread quickly especially with availability of the Internet. Huawei has good reputation , thus gaining more potential users. Advertising: Huawei advertisement and design with high appearance level and strong visual impact has an influence on customer buying

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