Lung Capacity In Non-Athletes Essay

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"Exercise is not just limited to increasing lung capacity however. Activity also increases blood flow to the heart, increased metabolic breakdown, and endurance of muscles (Bird, Smith, James). All of these factors combine with increased lung capacity for an overall healthy body. A non-athlete however has atrophied muscles, decreased metabolic enzymes and a diminished lung capacity."(UK Essay,2013) For me to be able to experiment the difference in lung capacities between non-athletes and athletes I need to understand how the lungs work first. Breathing is the most crucial function in the body making our lungs contract and expand ,therefore, supplying our body with life-sustaining oxygen and removing from a waste product called carbon dioxide…show more content…
For the first step you will need to mark off volumes on your plastic bottle. 2. Into the empty plastic bottle begin by pouring 250 ml of water, then indicate/mark the water line on the bottle with a permanent pen. Add 250 ml more, and mark the new water level. Continue until container is filled with water. When you are finished, dump out the water, and label the lines-writing the numbers. 3. Fill the bucket with about a quarter full of water. (NB: Keep in mind that it must have enough room left to accommodate the added water from your plastic bottle which will be displaced during the lung capacity measurements). 4. Turn the plastic bottle upside down over the bucket while holding your hand tightly over the mouth of the plastic bottle, after that remove your hand when the mouth of the bottle is below the water level line. 5. Place one end of the plastic tubing into the mouth of the jug (about 10 cm). Keep the tubing pinched or air may leak into the jug and water leak out. The assistant will need to help assist holding the bottle so that it doesn't fall over. 6. Clean the free end of the tube with an alcohol wipe. ( Make sure that there is no air leakage at the connection

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