Hurricane Andrew Negative Effects

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Hurricane Andrew affected Florida’s ecosystem and destroys millions of homes and businesses. Florida is no stranger to hurricanes. Hurricane Andrew was a horrible hurricane because it destroyed homes, ruined businesses, and turned people’s lives upside down. For a Hurricane to form, the temperature of the ocean has to be at least 78 F to a depth of 197 feet. Warm water and hot air above it makes large amounts of rain (Harper, 2005). As water vapor rises, it forms to make huge clouds (Harper, 2005). Hurricane Andrew was the largest major storm to date (Harper, 2005). Violent spinning storms were building up over the tropical Oceans (Green, 2005). Hurricanes leave its official place and then comes to land at the subtropics (Harper, 2005). Andrew’s…show more content…
Hurricane Andrew completely destroyed over 130,000 people’s houses in the south if Miami (Harper, 2005). 85,000 houses, 38,000 apartments, and 11,000 mobile homes were completely destroyed (Harper, 2005). Those people who had to live through Hurricane Andrew’s devastation found themselves blown away (Harper, 2005). On Sunday, August 23, 1992, Hurricane Andrew struck the Bahamas with winds up to 155 miles per hour (Green, 2005). Today, more than 10 years after Hurricane Andrew, southern Florida and Louisiana had almost recovered (Green, 2005). About 6 hundred homes and business buildings were wrecked or destroyed (Green, 2005). Millions of boats and airforce were at a base (Green, 2005). Hurricane Andrew has fast effects on water hydrology water and the quality of the water (Mauro, 1992). It affects the fish and wildlife species (Mauro, 1992). Huge waves brought up by heavy winds can mark up the ocean floor (Harper, 2005). Coral, sponges and marine animals that live in the ocean might be killed (Harper, 2005). It may take a couple of years to get the fish back (Harper, 2005). Almost eighty thousand homes were destroyed and fifty-five thousand were very damaged (Green, 2005). Trailer parks were destroyed (Green, 2005). The storm was destroyed (Green, 2005). The storm left 1.4 million people without food or shelter (Green,…show more content…
In parts that were hit the worst in Florida and Louisiana, power lines were destroyed, traffic-filled up with roads, and people were running out of food and clean water (Green, 2005). The officials were slow to finally realize the full scale of the disaster (Green, 2005). First, there was little he;p for Andrew’s victims (Green, 2005). While people tried to gather their stuff back together in Florida, Hurricane Andrew went across the Gulf of Mexico (Green, 2005). It hit the coast of south-central Louisiana early on Wednesday, August 26, 1992 (Green, 2005). Winds went up to 120 miles per hour (Green, 2005). After the Hurricane hungry people stole food and drinks from broken down houses (Green, 2005). Took valuable items like TV’s and computers (Green, 2005). Some people pointed guns at people who had stolen stuff and made them put the stuff back (Green,

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