Importance Of Area Development

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EXPECTED QUESTIONS 1. What are your reasons (goals) for the selection of three scientific research orientation? There are two main reasons: + I am in charge of teaching on area development management, economic territory organization and regional development planning, so I have concentrated on three research orientations to get more knowledge and practical experience servicing for teaching and education. + Along with the industrial-based development, there should be area-based development. The area-based development is of important significance. In order to improve the quality of an area-based development project, it is necessary to conduct research to make clear theoretical and practical bases on area-based development. 2. Is there any…show more content…
What is your perception on sustainable area development? Answer: + Sustainable area development is to develop areas sustainably in economic, social and environment terms. That is an effective and environmentally friendly area development. + Sustainable development will be carried out based on the development of modern technology. 4. Where is environment issue in area development and management? Answer: + The environment is one of among three elements to form an area (environment - human - human activities). In other words, each area is made up by three elements: economics, society and environment. + If environment is good, human life will be good and therefore have more conditions to better improve environment. + When approving a master planning for socio-economic development, environmental impact assessment (or strategic environment assessment) should be undertaken. At the same time, during the execution of master planning process, there should be inspecting and monitoring the impacts of investment projects to living environment. 5. Why should we attach greater important to research of leading territory development? Because: - Developing countries are facing with shortage of investment capitals, therefore investment should not be spread…show more content…
Why do you expand your research orientation to include "islands development"? Because: + Vietnam has many islands (over 4,000 big and small islands), of which there are 10 big islands capable of economic development. How can we develop these islands? + Singapore is bigger than Phu Quoc Island of about 70 square kilometres in its size, but produced about US$280 billion per year. So, how can we make Phu Quoc, Van Don, Phu Quy islands… significantly contributing to Vietnam's economy scale? + Territorial disputes in the East Sea have seriously intensified. 7. According to your opinion, what does geographers contribute to Vietnam's socio-economic development course? Answers: - To consult about focus investment rather than spread investment - To consult about the establishment of a numerous leading territories to promote economy's development. Specifically, they research and consult about "the development of three specialized economic-administrative zones: Phu Quoc, Van Phong and Van Don). 8. What is a current status of state management on Vietnam's area development? Answer: State management on area development in Vietnam has demonstrated inadequacies and weakness, notably: - Local phenomena; lack of area

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