Rock And Roll In The 1960's

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It is understood that the first rock 'n' roll record to achieve national popularity was Bill Haley and the Comets "Rock Around the Clock" made in 1955. Haley succeeded in creating a type of music that appealed to the youth of the era. This was because of the music’s exciting backbeat, its urgent call to dance, and the action of its lyrics. The rock ‘n’ roll genre was made for, and was about adolescents. Its lyrics articulated teenage problems: school, cars, summer vacation, parents as well as young love. The primary instruments of early rock 'n' roll were guitar, bass, piano, drums, and saxophone. Rebellion a teenage defiance of adult values and authority was indicated through all aspects of the music: its heavy beat, loudness, self-absorbed lyrics, and raving delivery. Some of the Influential performers of the 1950’s were Chuck Berry ("Johnny B. Goode"), Little Richard ("Good Golly Miss Molly"), Sam Cooke ("You Send Me"), Buddy Holly ("Peggy Sue"), Jerry Lee Lewis ("Great Balls of Fire"), and Carl Perkins ("Blue Suede Shoes”). 1960’s The 1960's were a time of upheaval in society, fashion,…show more content…
The alternative rock genre was described as being ‘guitar music’ guitars that blast out power chords, pick out chiming riffs, buzz with fuzz tone and squeal in feedback. Lyrically this music was also different as it would tend to address topics of social concern, such as drug use, depression, and environmentalism. The Red Hot Chili Peppers became an important band in the rise of alternative rock with their album Blood Sugar Sex Magik bringing worldwide attention to alternative rock. Combining funk rock with more conventional rock, the Chili Peppers were able to achieve mainstream success climaxing with the release of

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