The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street Movie Analysis

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The Twilight Zone was created by Rod Sterling. The episode that Rod Sterling created "The Monsters are Due on Maple Street." was a thrilling episode. Obviously in the 1960's version there was no color. But in the 2002 version at this level there was color there was no doubt about it.The differences between the 1960's version & the 2002 version in the technology, characters, & the time period. In the 1960's version it was in black & white. It also had special effects like classical music, simple line of flash, & gunshot sounds. The simple effects were tense music when something bad was going to happen , close up shots quick shots during action shots, & close up on people's faces & feet. They also had tilted camera angles to show stress. The 1960's version had a few special effects.The 2002 version had color. The special effects were fire, glass shattering, electronics buzzing/video games. Camera angles were far, overhead shot, & the characters. Some other special effects were creepy music, rock & roll music, lights flickering, camera shaking, tilted, & moving. The opening sequence was 3D looking. There was a few similarities & differences between the two episodes. There were many changes in the characters from the 1960 & the 2002 versions.…show more content…
The women wore dresses & skirts. The hair type was greasy, straight, & curly. The children wore cameo shirts. The men had very low voices & the women had very high, squeaky. The people were all occasion. There wasn't very much violence. It was in black & white. There wasn't any cussing. However in the 2002 version there were different races of people. There was a lot of violence & cussing. The people wore nice jeans, jackets, & shirts. The people start a fight with each other. There were some very mean characters in the 2002 version. There were many differences of peoples appearances in both

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