Were The Beatles: More Popular Than Jesus?

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"[The Beatles are] more popular than Jesus now; I don't know which will go first - rock 'n' roll or Christianity" In March of 1966, John Lennon’s, now famous, quote was published in The London Evening Standard newspaper in an article written by Maureen Cleave and titled “How Does a Beatle Live? John Lennon lives like this” Although controversial, this quote brings up an interesting question: Were the Beatles actually more popular than Jesus? Could four ordinary boys from Liverpool, England leave an impact stronger than one of the most prominent figures in society? The Beatles started in England, but extended their influence across the pond, beginning an “invasion” in the United States and, eventually, the world. At the height of their career, they were everywhere in the media: rock music, pop music, fashion, television and even the movies. Since their big-break in the 1960’s, the Beatles have revolutionized rock and pop music around the globe, made groundbreaking experimentation with sound, and left a long-lasting impact that we still feel today. “In 1958 John Lennon,…show more content…
The Beatles got their break in the early 1960s and immediately started a frenzy known as “Beatlemania” in Europe. In 1963, Beatlemania spread to the United States, sparking the British Invasion and spreading their influence throughout the world. With their career established, the Beatles took a break from performing and focused on recording, resulting in sound experimentation that would redefine pop music. The Beatles have spread their influence across the globe made and impact that cannot be understated. It is safe to say that music, let alone the way we live, would be extremely different had the “boys from Liverpool” not made their way across the

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