1950s Pop Music Essay

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The development of pop music from 1950 Here I will take four different genres of pop much from the 1950’s to present day, in order to explain how popular music has developed in the past 65 years. First ill talk about Rock and Roll music of the 1950’s, then through to 1960’s psychedelic rock, Funk of the 1970’s to1990’s, and a change at the end to Dubstep in the 2000’s. 1950’s Rock’n’Roll In Cleveland, Ohio a radio DJ named Alan Freed starts up his "Moondog Show" where he platys up-tempo rhythm & blues hits, but aims his show beyond the traditional african-american audience, both white and black teenagers. Alan Freed eventually names this conjuncture of musical styles and influences, these influences being, electric blues (with its heavy and driven beats, along with the 12 bar pattern), boogie, jazz, gospel, R&B vocal groups and country (crossing chord patterns with blues here).Though many claim different origins to the name, Rock’n’Roll. During the 1950’s the solid body electric guitar becomes commercially available and it’s quickly picked up by R&B artists, as well as Pop artists. The 78 RPM record is replaced by the LP vinyl album and the 45 RPM single is introduced, all making music more available for the masses and more affordable. This increases Rock’n’Rolls overwhelming popularity at that time by…show more content…
This is where the phenomenon grew, and when a radio 1 DJ John Peel heard the music, it started getting airplay and eventually became a new movement in culture and in musical genres. The end of the naughties saw dubstep acclaiming world wide fame and fortune. Artists like Skrillex and Modestep, saw the genre carry over into this new decade, adding in vocals samples, more computer based synths bigger bass drops, and less of a fixation on the sub bass, as they try and cash in on peoples home music systems rather than massive club sound systems where the sub bass can really be

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