Rock N Roll In The 1950's

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Throughout American history music has evolved from soft alternative music to Rock ‘n Roll; music with a heavy beat and simple melodies, also commonly having a mix of blues and country. This style of music almost represented the events that were happening throughout that time. The music now known as Rock ‘n Roll emerged in the 1950’s, a time during war and a time during the civil rights movement. Also this era of music was known for “sex, drugs, and Rock ‘n Roll”. In Memphis, Los Angeles, Shreveport, New York, Detroit, and Baltimore were places where Rock ‘n Roll began to emerge. Author Charles F McGovern said that the places that played Rock ‘n Roll carried “the Sound of the City” (McGovern 2015). With Rock ‘n Roll being produced all around the country, there were different genres or instrumental techniques that were being used to create Rock ‘n Roll, significantly sending out different types of messages to America. Throughout Americas music history, Rock ‘n Roll became extremely popular, evolving overtime through the war cause, girl power, and present day. Thus changing music and influencing history. During times of war, like World War II and the Vietnam War, America’s society was full of diversity; full of people with different ideas or different point of views. People were either pro-war or…show more content…
This allows people to listen to rock from the 1950’s all the way up to present day enabling them to see the transitions of American Rock ‘n Roll over time. The present day has a large mix of rock. People still listen to Rock ‘n Roll varying from the time rock was born, to hippie rock, to girl power rock, or to even Guns ‘n Roses rock; all of which hold importance of what Americas music atmosphere was filled with. Listening to rock can be like a taste from the past revealing when a song historically took

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