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The Unfairness of Life The “Girl at the Mirror” is simple but yet a meaningful painting by Norman Rockwell that depicts a young girl posing in front of a mirror with a magazine on her lap and an unsettled disgruntled expression on her face. The scene captured by Rockwell is aptly described by a quote from the Chinese philosopher Confucius “Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it,” (qtd. in “Confucius Quotes”). The painting consists of a series of small details that lead up to the big picture conveying the message that Rockwell intended. To prevent missing the obvious, one must slowdown in order to recognize the natural beauty surrounding us. Her expression is her sudden and strong urge to be beautiful by becoming more mature as depicted by the beautiful woman in the magazine and yet she fails to recognize the inherent beauty in the refection in the mirror. Instead, the girl is looking for society’s perfect image is not able to see the beauty right before her in…show more content…
The mirror is her personal palate which allows her to modify the ways she looks, when using the magazine she can become the perfect looking woman. Not only does the mirror allow her to change the way she looks, but it allows her to see past the point of her youth into the mature side of her of what is to come of being a mature woman, worrying about her future as a woman in general, the more mirror more than an object that allows her to express herself, but it allows her to. The mirror lets her see two sides of herself, making her realize that to be beautiful she has to use the

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