The Pros And Cons Of Frequent Snoring

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Frequent snoring does not necessarily mean there is a health risk and any time soon your life will be in danger. It does not also mean that you already acquired an OSA. However, it definitely disrupts your or your partner’s sleep pattern which may cause health issues in the future. Moreover, the immediate effect of poor quality sleep is experienced the following day when you wake up. Your mood is affected and the same goes with the overall performance of your physiological state. So if you or your partner suffer from snoring, it would be best for you to know what really needs to be done in your situation. Prolonging this condition may lead to further health risks which might need to be dealt with more seriously like medical treatments or…show more content…
Nevertheless, let’s start with the Cons. According to some, it is difficult to apply the patch-like device onto the nose. It takes a while before you would exactly know how to put it on without a miss on both nostrils. It is a one-size-fits-all product so imagine if you have a small nose or an extremely large one. It requires time to getting used to it since it constrains your exhalation. So, on the first few nights, it’s a hit and miss situation. There is a possible aftertaste in your mouth after every…show more content…
It is impossible to use Theravent if you have runny nose, nasal congestion, cold or allergies because of the need to blow your nose. If the area of the nose is too dry, chances are, removing the anti-snore device might be painful. Also, it is not advisable for people who have ear infections and/or perforated eardrum/s. If you have upper respiratory ailments, serious breathing problems such as asthma as well as emphysema, critical heart problems and even low blood pressure, you must consult your doctor before even thinking of buying a box. The materials used such as the adhesive might cause an allergic reaction to your skin. Because it is disposable, you need to purchase it monthly at a pricey cost. You might feel discouraged after reading about the negatives but you have to read on for you to know the good points of Theravent EPAP Snoring Aid. Here they are: Among all the nasal sleeping aids available, Theravent has the highest approval rating. It is soft, lightweight and comfortable to use. It is made of non-abrasive and latex-free material. The Microvalve is also patented guaranteeing its performance. When you get used to the device after a few days, you will definitely feel the

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