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“The Lewis Model Explains Every Culture in the world” is an article that introduces the chart which was written by Richard Lewis, the chart plots the world’s culture. Lewis plots culture in relation to three categories: Linear-actives, Multi-actives, and Reactives. They all have their own work and life styles and there are different ethnic groups corresponding to each category. In Lewis’ s opinion, Linear-actives are organized and plan things in order, they do one thing at a time, who are suitable for logical work. Germans and Swiss are in this group. Multi-actives are red-blood and causal, they do many things at one time and do not like to follow the time schedule to work. Italians, Latin Americans and Arabs are involved in this group. Reactives…show more content…
Thousands of countries consist of the world. Each country has their own culture which accumulate for many years and it is different from others. As this reason, we can’t summarize each culture’s characters specifically. Lewis made e chart that explains the world. It is a triangle, whose three angles respectively represent Linear-actives, Multi-actives and Reactives. Germany, Switzerland and Luxembourg are three countries which can best represent the Linear-actives. Vietnam is the most representative country of Reactives. And Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Argentina and Hispanic America represent the Multi-actives. Except these symbolical countries, there are so many countries fall in between two different types of culture. It means this country mixes two kind characters. For instance, Canada is in the middle of Linear-actives and Reactives, it might show that Canadians not only do things logically, follow the time schedule strictly, but also have politeness and listen requirement carefully. The countries which are in the middle of Multi-actives and Linear-actives are Belgium and Israel. Maybe these countries’ people are passion and finish work carefully. India is the middle of Reactives and Multi-actives, so that Indian might be energetic and accept other countries’ affection easily. Although we can make assumption of these characters, we can’t prove it is true or not and there are so many countries’ culture characters we can’t grasp. To sum up, this chart is incomplete, we only can find few countries’ culture types on this chart and it is too limited to

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