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Throughout her entire essay Roach is very descriptive and uses very vivid details to get her point across. And through these details she is able to keep her audience captive and interested in what she is writing. She does a very good job with using imagery to make the audience feel what she is feeling about that specific subject. Roach does a very good job with using the Rhetorical Triangle: Logos, Ethos, and Pathos to relay her message to everyone that reads her essay. Roach uses Pathos to gain the attention of the emotional side of you. Pathos uses your emotions a feeling to trigger a response and get you to agree and understand a writer’s point when logic and reason can’t. Roach does this by describing how the patient who the doctors call H will save many lives with the organs that they are taking from her. “But H is different. She has made three sick people well. She has brought them extra time on earth…” (Roach 295). Roach uses many examples like this to create a sense of compassion in the reader. And this compassion that she creates helps to get her point across to the reader.…show more content…
Logos uses logic and reason to get the message or idea of the essay across. Roach touches on how even though H’s organs are still beating she no longer has any need for them seeing as her brain is no longer functioning. “Since brain death is a legal definition of death in this country, H the person is certifiably dead. But H the organs and tissues is very much alive. These two seemingly contradictory facts afford her an opportunity most corpses do not have: that of extending the lives of two or three dying strangers.” (Roach 283). Using logic and the other parts of logos Roach is able to explain clearly to the reader what her views are and the way that she is feeling in a clear and easy way to

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