Monster's Role In Employee Termination By Louise Kurmark Summary

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Rhetorical Analysis Introduction It is very important for an author to be able to portray his or her message and have his or her message understood by everyone, but that is not always an easy task. Writing is one of the best forms of communication due to the fact that the writer can carefully structure the message itself towards a specific audience to deliver their message in the most effective way. Rhetorical writing is a great way for writers to achieve this. The article here “HR’s Role in Employee Termination” by Louise Kursmark, published on Monster’s site. She is an expert at resume writing, and she loves to help people tell their story on paper. She has written over eighteen books on resume writing. Her audience is human resource…show more content…
Louise Kursmark uses pathos to persuade her readers when she writes “HR support for managers can eliminate the firing surprise factor for employees.” Nobody wants to be surprised when they are fired because a shock can come to them causing them to potentially do something drastic. Pathos is an appeal to emotion and she created an emotional response as this states what people would feel if they were fired suddenly because we would not want to be in that situation either. Ethos is an appeal to ethics, which means to convince someone of their credibility and the author does a great job of this by including several quotes and examples from management within HR departments of companies. A premium example of this is when she interviews Jeanne Knight, a former HR director who worked for several high tech companies. Jeanne is quoted saying “It’s going to feel bad no matter what day you do it, more important than when you do it is how it’s handled.” With quotes and advice from an HR director, the reader can definitely see that this article is quite credible. Lastly, the pieces of logos within the article show the way of persuading an audience by reason. The article includes this by her way of introducing a topic and following it up with evidence. When she writes “When it’s time to terminate, both Schrameck and Knight recommend doing it right away rather than waiting for a specific time of day or weekday” then following up with Schrameck’s quote “the conversation should be short, sweet, and to the point.” Reinforcement is a key element in utilizing logos within any piece of rhetorical writing. Rhetorical appeals are a very important part of rhetorical

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