Madeline Zavodny: A Rhetorical Analysis

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A Rhetorical Analysis of Madeline Zavodny’s “Unauthorized Immigrant Arrivals Are on the Rise, and That’s Good News” Madeline Zavodny is an Economics professor at Agnes Scott College, a selective liberal arts college for women located near Atlanta, Georgia. Zavodny’s interests include economics of the family, economic demography, and immigration. In her argument “Unauthorized Immigrant Arrivals Are on the Rise, and That’s Good News,” Zavodny has a positive outlook on one of the most controversial issues in our nation- immigration. The author debates that unauthorized immigrants actually help our economy here in America. Zavodny refers to unauthorized immigration as a “bellwether of the strength of the economy “ (463). She helps readers…show more content…
Zavodny uses estimates from the Pew Research Center on the increasing number of unauthorized immigrants in America. She connects the dots on how these rates seem to increase once our economy is doing well. Zavodny states that “Inflows rise faster when the economy, especially the construction sector, is growing and slow down when the economy is shrinking” (464). She is also well versed on the temporary foreign worker programs, which allows employers to bring in foreign workers when they can’t find Americans to fill jobs. She states that the current “policy ties H-2A and H-2B visa holders to their employers, increasing the potential for abuse and weakening market forces “ (464). Zavodny’s knowledge shows that she has taken the time to become knowledgeable about the issues at hand which demonstrates that she is competent about immigration rates, and the policies that affect these individuals. In addition her extrinsic Ethos is strong because she has received her Ph.D in economics, and has published more than 6 books on immigration alone. So needless to say Zavodny has expertise in this

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