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Approximately 160 years before World War I occurred, the first true world war, called the Seven Years War, was fought. This war was mainly the conflict of trading rights between Great Britain and France, even though most great powers (sovereign states with military power and economic influence throughout the world) during the time of the 1760s were involved. Two main conflicts were what made up the Seven Years War, leading to advantages of some countries, mostly Britain at first. One of these conflicts was the French and Indian War, and another conflict between Prussia and Austria, France, Russia, and Sweden. Tensions in North America caused the French and Indian war because both the British and the French wanted to expand their influence throughout the places outside their border. Since the borders were not very well defined, forts were placed in areas in order to claim the territory better by the French. They both tried to win over the American Indians in those areas for favor. Even though the Indians in Ohio valley despised the French from previous wars, they decided an alliance with the French would be better than siding with Britain. Once the British learned of the alliance, they immediately took action and destroyed one of the french…show more content…
The French then attempted to bribe the British with peace treaties, but they did not agree. The French then turned for other alliances to declare war on Britain if the war did not end by a certain time, in order to bribe them to a peace negotiation. Finally, the Treaty of Paris ended the war in 1763. The Treaty of Paris ended the war between France and Britain, and each of their allies. Britain ended up with most of North America, as well as all the conquests made by the French such as India. Britain did not have to worry about any military threat in the area. France got the West Indian islands in return, such as Marie-Galante and

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