How Did The French And Indian War Affect America

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The French and Indian War lots of impacts on the relationships between Britain and America. The war completely harmed the entire continent of North America, from the Natives to the army. Some were happy for the economic situation with England while others were upset by the situation. There is not a chance that the war didn’t completely and entirely changed all of America. As a whole, the Native Americans are perhaps the not payed attention to part of North America. The war completely changed how they saw the country. The Americans could not trick them into not knowing what was there. The Indians had now pretty much learned the geographic features of the colonies. They fought against the new people who came to their land, telling the colonists that they fought them. “Your people daily settle on these lands…we must insist on your removing them, as you know they have no right to settle,”.…show more content…
Great Britain did not want the colonists to settle past the Mississippi.The Americans felt it was their right to go there. But, while the Native Americans were arguing the British were scared of violence from them and the colonists. They did not allow the colonists to settle the west so then there would be no fighting and that it would take alot effort to organize the land. For the most part, soldiers were treated weirdly after the war. Britain came out of the war with low thinking about the Americans. This came with soldiers being mistreated. By this, it can be mostly thought that the British military had no respect for the colonists. Even after the war had ended, they were not allowed to go home, eventually causing them to say that they would do no more work. This could make you think why the British were thought they would destroy the Americans in the Revolutionary War, as they clearly didnt think much of

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