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William Goolkasian The Bible, Past and Present Prof. Will Deming Writing Assignment Ezekiel For all prophets, faith is the cornerstone from which they built their reality. Everything from how they thought and what they believed, to how they acted and what they proclaimed was rooted in their faith. Ezekiel, being the third largest collection of ancient Israel’s prophesies, is no different. Ezekiel grew up in Jerusalem, served as a priest, and was among the second great company of captives carried to Babylon with King Jehoiachin. While in captivity, he was called to become a prophet of God, beginning his ministry with the condemnation and judgment of the nation Judah. After the destruction of Jerusalem, Judah’s capital city, Ezekiel’s perspective changed to a glimmering hope for the future. His visions in the valley of dry bones symbolized new life in that which was dead foreshadowing the impending 1,000 year reign of Christ on earth. Because of his faith in God, Ezekiel found his path in life. God used Ezekiel as a carrier of His…show more content…
Among these experiences include; shutting himself in his home and binding himself(Ezekiel 3:24-26), God instructing him to lie on his right side and then his left for 430 days with a limit on food or drink(Ezekiel 4:4-8, 12), shaving his head and beard(Ezekiel 5:1), losing his speech(Ezekiel 24:27), and not being allowed to lament over the death of his wife(Ezekiel 24:15-24). God wanted Ezekiel to give His message to Israel not only through word of mouth, but also through his personal experiences and endeavors. Ezekiel’s faith compelled him to God and to His will, and because of this was able to find the strength in order to carry out his commandments and spread His word. Though the tasks seemed hard or sometimes impossible, it was his faith in which Ezekiel found the strength to continue to do God’s

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