Curzon In 'FORGE' By Laurie Halse Anderson

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The novel, FORGE, was written by Laurie Halse Anderson and is about a young boy named Curzon. This novel is a sequel to CHAINS, but this time it is in Curzon’s perspective. Curzon was a slave that escaped from Trumbull, and after that, he enlisted in the Continental army. When everything was going fine, except for the poor conditions at Valley Forge, Curzon was brought back to slavery. At that time, life was a mess for Curzon. He wasn’t controlling his anger, but most importantly, he wasn’t in control of his own body. Without his friends’ supportive help, Curzon would be completely lost. Friendship changed Curzon’s life. Courage was one of the best things that his friends gave Curzon. When Curzon struggled, his friends were there to encourage…show more content…
The group of brother-like friends learned to survive the long, harsh, and cold winter together. Not only that, they also entertained and accompanied each other. “The hut filled with boasting, conversating, wagering, and wild tales every night. We’d itch the vermin feasting on our flesh and share the day’s many rumors.” (pg. 132) Everyday the soldiers had to do work, and they would feel exhausted at the end of the day. The nights were usually relaxing for all of them. Without them, the winter would seem longer and more painful for not only Curzon, but all of the soldiers in the army. Supporting each other in its own quiet way was one of the most important actions to keep the troops alive, especially Curzon. There was also a special friend that was different from the others, Isabel, who gave him hope. Curzon and Isabel trusted each other so much that they would exchange their true feelings and thoughts with each other. They truly understood each other from the bottom of their hearts. “I never told you this before. Never told a soul….ghosts helped us cross the river. They stayed with us the whole time in New Jersey and then they disappeared....When you and me were talking to Gideon yesterday, the ghosts returned. It was a sign that I should go with him, I thought. But they went away again when I left last night. They want me to stay with you. If I’m ever to find Ruth, somehow, you’re going to be a part of it.”

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