Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Research Paper

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Where do I want to go in life? Everyone at a young age has dreams and goals on where they want to go in life. Many wanted to be princesses, firefighters, heros, and even superstars. Me, I wanted to be a doctor. Growing up seeing people sick broke me to pieces. After I helped Hannah, a little girl with cancer, prepare for the worst I knew that being a doctor was in my blood. Being a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner has long been something that I have had a passion for. I will work every bit to reach that goal in life knowing that I can help some little kid that has so much in life to fulfill . Pediatric Nurse Practitioners are the 5th ranked job in America for nursing according to the best nursing professions of America Association. Nurse Practitioners…show more content…
When first becoming a doctor you will need to learn all the practical basic nursing skills. In earning your Bachelor’s degree you will do chemistry, biology, nutrition, anatomy, and psychology. In helping you learn how to do all this you will do clinicals. At the clinicals you do rotations kind of like stations at school just you will do the basic nursing training on cadavers. You try to figure out what is wrong with your person and how long it takes you to figure out what is wrong with them in the time it gives you before you severely injure them. Clinicals test the way you will react in a real life situation to see how you handle to stress along with the intense feeling of having someone else's life in your hands. After you have your Bachelor’s degree which takes about four years you then move on to trying to obtain your Registered Nurse License (RN). When trying to get this the first thing you will have to do is take the National Council Licensure Examination- Registered Nurse (NCLEX-RN). If you pass that test they know that you have learned everything that you need in order to be able to handle the next step on being able to work as a Pediatric Registered Nurse…show more content…
In getting your Master’s this is where you will start deciding on what part of the Pediatric Unit you would like to specialize in. There is acute care, which is where you get short-term care for a severe injury or illness. Chronic care is another option of choice where you deal with pre-existing injuries or long-term illnesses. Another one is Oncology dealing with all sorts of tumors from benign tumors to deadly tumors. Finally you can choose to go into critical care, this unit is for when children are in a life threatening situation in need of emergency help right away. In earning your Master’s you will need to choose a path for yourself in which direction you want to fully go into. Your Master’s degree also has the part where you will go through clinicals. These clinicals will deal with whichever unit you decided to go into. These are trials to see how tough you are as well as trying to see where your weaknesses stand in certain areas of your job choice. Getting your Master’s will take about two to four years also depending on what field of study you have chosen to go with. Now you have about nine to ten years of experience in not just being a nurse but, how to be a good companion in the times that you need to be one. Once you have earned your Master’s degree then you will have to now get your certification with your

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