Maybank: It's Too Much Advertising

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2) He Surui TP036481 For the promotion of Maybank, It’s too much advertising. As all the companies in Malaysia, the ads should be placed in some key areas. On the other hand, its media element can also be developed. In particular, the retail store is almost universal throughout Malaysia, but the lack of retail stores in remote areas. It has a personal website content is very comprehensive, in the site can also be easily handled business. But its website design and store design take the same style, the lack of a little novelty. Because a design is a comprehensive company, has a personal website cannot be too monotonous, this will only affect the browsing number resulted in a decrease in the many people don’t use it, so innovation in order to…show more content…
There are four keys areas of the value chain that are main targets for simplification: product management, distribution, operation, and IT. Maybank should simplify their IT and back-offices system enable front-end staff to get full view of the customer and to focus on high-value customers to improve cross-selling and customer retain. With a simplified, Maybank can achieve more rapid, efficient, and suitable growth. As a result to let the customer knows about the product of Maybank. Maybank should educate their customer. To educate customer about product can be beneficial in the long term, it not only can improve customer service but also lead to increase sales. Maybank can use various media and channels to educate customers about their different products such as a Facebook page could be used to encourage discussions about the product and its various used. In addition, Maybank should understand their market and the competitions. Maybank is not the only bank in Malaysia, there have many competitors in Malaysia. Maybank should creating innovative options to attract more customers to obtain benefits and making competitive strength to other competitor such as let clients deposit their check conveniently, speak to customer service agents on instant messenger and make it easy for travelers to access no-fee ATMs’ abroad. (415…show more content…
Manager have to guidance employees to use impressme in their service and communication with customers, it is because impressment is key of service and communication. Manager should have an objective that is serving every customer well. In the bank manager and employee should help each other. At work should have an active attitude to services with all customers and try to keep them. A good smile and sincerity can get trust from customers. Initiative, enthusiasm, patience and circumspection are important details when they are

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