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Migos, The Hip-Hop Trio celebrate their No1 ranking album while they tie with The Beatles for the most simultaneous entries on Billboard. The Beatles music is classic rock and harmonic pop music while with time the music trends have taken a full turn. The music genre Hip-hop and trap has taken over with popularity. The Beatles was regarded as the foremost and most influential music band . Migos have revolutionized pop music and set new music trends. Not everyone shares the same opinion when it comes to change and transition, some may enjoy it very much, some otherwise. Change is inevitable. In "Twilight in Delhi" Ali portrays both the good and bad side of change. Modernity is a hard transition in many cultures. The story unfolds the differences…show more content…
India is also famous for one of the 7 wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal, It was built in the seventeenth century by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan for his wife, Mumtaz. It has also been called "the jewel of Muslim art in India". India was being ruled by Mughals who were Muslims ruling over Hindu majority. The story unfolds the lives of Muslim Indian families as there are a lot of Muslims reside in Hindustan. India was a hidden gem for spices, jewelry and silk so the British took over India. British Rule in India lasted a really long time, about 200 years. Twilight in Delhi the title is symbolical . since it symbolizes the fall of India and its waves, people's moral, religious and social values were all in the verge of deterioration. "If rebellion in this land, which heaven for its own purpose wide to us has given, Uprears its head, the is laid aside, and to the fight in stern array I ride" (Thompson,…show more content…
He had a troubled childhood, and was drowned in self-pity. "Ever since I have set foot in this world,' Asghar continued, 'I have known neither love nor happiness'"(32). He falls in love with Bilqeece and despite the disagreements from Mir Nihal about the marriage he marries Bilqeece with whom he has a daughter. But soon after his marriage, he starts neglecting his wife Bilqeece. He has affairs outside of his marriage and treats Bilqeece terribly. This change in Asghar's attitude could be interpreted as modernization and going against the tradition will bring downfall. In "Reconstructing India" Thompson mentions "Sir Robert Montgomery has recorded Lawrence's judgement that Indians were happier under their own systems than under ours" (9) Some believes that India was prospering under the British rule, since more merchants and people were visiting Delhi. The shop owners and businesses were having better business due to the industrialization. In a conversation between two commoners, one of the merchant mentions that " 'things do seem to be prospering " (Ali, 74) The changes that the characters, city and politics goes through in the book "Twilight in Delhi" all symbolize a new possibility, new changes and uncertainty. Change could be good, and bad. Sometimes there's both and good. These changes that Delhi undergoes during the British rule in India created a lot of chaos

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