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My graduation project was to job shadow an upcoming professional band. I observed behind the scenes processes and activities that the general audience typically has no awareness of occurring. I also observed the extremely high level of commitment and time that is required if a band desires to be viewed as a legitimate music provider. It is important to understand that there are many garage bands in existence, however, this level of entertainment is quite different from a band which has organized themselves in such a manner to be noticed by the general public. The significance of this project is that I have always enjoyed music, and have considered following music as a career. I have learned that it is important to understand that not only are the people who provide music…show more content…
My job shadow allowed me to observe the day-to-day activities involved in the business aspect of the music industry. We worked in the office and handled the communications of potential performances. He has an obligation to respond to all incoming correspondence and requests for information even if he knew that it would result in no booking. He explained to me that in order to maintain a positive reception from the general public he was required to manage the correspondence in the same positive manner. We would travel to the bank to make deposits, and to the repair shop to drop off and pick up equipment requiring repair. I attended the rehearsals in their studio and observed the regular practice sessions that are an important component of looking and sounding as close to perfect as possible during the live performance. I was allowed to attend the performance and observe the integral activities to ensure all equipment and people were properly prepared for the viewers. In this case, it was a private wedding reception located in

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