Borderline Personality Disorder In The Film Girl Interrupted

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The film Girl, Interrupted is based on a true story about Susanna Kaysen. The real Susanna Kaysen was sent to McLean Hospital in 1967 to undergo a psychiatric treatment for depression and was later diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. In the film Winona Ryder portrays Susanna Kaysen is and is also diagnosed with borderline personality disorder but nothing is said about depression. Her family insist on her getting help after she attempted suicide due to her disorder. Borderline Personality Disorder makes a person often exhibit impulsive behaviours such as identity disturbance, impulsivity that are potentially self-damaging, recurrent suicidal behaviour, emotional instability, chronic feelings of emptiness, and inappropriate, intense anger. Susanna displays all of…show more content…
On Susanna’s first day Lisa starts yelling at Susanna because she wanted to know where Jamie, the girl who was previously staying in Susanna’s room had gone when Lisa was away. It turned out Jamie had committed suicide because of Lisa leaving and no remorse is shown from Lisa but this is part of her mental illness. A sociopath is actually a name for someone who has antisocial personality disorder. People with this show the following symptoms; regularly breaks or flaunts the law, constantly lies and deceives others, is impulsive and doesn’t plan ahead, can be prone to fighting and aggressiveness, has little regard for the safety of others, irresponsible, can’t meet financial obligations and doesn’t feel remorse or guilt. Lisa shows all of these behaviors or symptoms, for example in the film when another girl hanged herself she has no remorse even through it was her the pushed her to the limits and then she went and took the money out of her robe before fleeing. In another scene she runs away from the hospital with no real plan and no financial

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