Restaurant Manager Case Study

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In this assignment I hope to show case what I have learned from my time in the restaurant, how I dealt with being restaurant manager. I will also evaluate what I would do differently to ensure the night going as smoothly as possible, how I could make the most of the short time in the restaurant and all the skills that I have picked up. The first day that I was in the restaurant we had to do the glass and cutlery. This task sounds pretty simple and something that wouldn’t take much time, I have never been more wrong. Since the college has limited resources we had to mix and match glass. This was okay to do for the smaller event but when we went over 30 there was a struggle to get matching set, we overcame this buy ensuring that every table…show more content…
I also found out how hard it is make sure that everything is perfect and tidy as the service staff is the ones that make sure the first time the customer see is tidy and done right. The service staff job to ensure the customer is happy with the music level, the arrangement and the whole ambiance of the restaurant. I have learned how to set tables fold napkins brew coffee and a better understanding of the Hospitality industry. The skills that I have learned and improved are communication skills critical in a kitchen, team bonding, dealing with people, organisational skills with the docket system. And I have even touched a small bit of accounting at the end of the night when we had to balance the book. Team work is so important in every job but particular inn the hospitality industry you have to be able to work with not only other service staff but also the chefs and still be able to communicate with the customers. Since there is usually way more people coming in and out of a restaurant it is important of the service staff to be talking to each other on what the other is doing. During my time in the restaurant I think I got on pretty well and if I was to mark myself I would give myself between 70% -85%. I would do this because I have been to every lecture, and really immersed myself into the learning the skill needed to make every night a success. I have had my uniform in full for every class and tried to keep myself presentable by pinning back as much hair as I could, I wore minimal make up every day and always tried to do my hair and makeup to keep in with the theme of the event. I tried my best to get everything write and I feel if I had been giving more time in the restaurants I would have found my feet and not make some

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