Elements Of Designing A Brand Identity

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The designing of a brand identity The project of designing a brand identity include several tasks. One of the task is also to design the brand logo. Building the brand identity is an uphill task and at times quite demanding too. However, what keeps the designing firms going is the satisfaction of providing the final product to a customer and making sure that they are satisfied. Main elements of designing a brand identity • Brand: A good ‘Brand name’ is very important for every business. The fact of the matter is that customers usually associate products by the brand name. There are a several examples of where a brand name becomes so big that the product is then referred to by the brand name. Here are few examples: o Xerox for a photocopy…show more content…
There are many ways in how this can be done. The identity is the visual component that is specially designed and paired with the company’s corporate image. The identity can be established and designed using the following: o Stationery o Marketing collateral o Packaging o Signage o Messaging o Digital Project • Logo: The logo of a firm is one of the most important forms of identity and communication for a company. This can be compared with the brand name to some extent. Just like the brand name is very important for a company and represents their products, the logo of a company promotes their cause and is used as an identity. In addition to which an image is always better than simple text and hence the logo image make it easy for the customer to relate a product with a firm. Hence there are a few simple rules that should be followed when designing a logo: o Keep it simple o Make it memorable o Should stand the test of time o Be appropriate yet versatile Brief overview of the steps involved designing a brand…show more content…
This will typically include checking for competition as well as see where the firm stands. It is also an opportunity to take a look at the targeted audience. • Logo & Identity The best way to begin the logo design is to make a few rough sketches. This will help form the general design and frame of the logo. The design of a logo is a tedious job and it is quite common to go through several options before finally settling on the right one. However, it is important to make sure you take your time since it is never a good idea to change the logo. • Monitor Once launched, the brand is out there standing the test of your hard work. It is important to monitor how the customers react to your efforts since minor adjustments in branding design can make the difference between success and failure. Branding with Dolce Media Group: Dolce Media Group has large number of resources and a lot of experience in the media industry. Their creative minds have been fine-tuned over the years while helping other firms establish and market their products in the right manner. From branding to strategic business planning; they have been successful at

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