Ethnography Case Study

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This research used purely qualitative research design, specifically descriptive and explanatory methods using an ethnographic approach in a naturalistic setting by going to night clubs on a scheduled basis and by conducting key informant interviews to various actors of the Baguio City nightlife scene. The aim of this research is to look into the in-depth understanding of the phenomenon through methodological and theoretical contexts, rather than to generalize findings. This aim is intended to be attained through ethnography and case study. Ethnography is concerned on “the nature, construction and maintenance of culture…with the aim of looking beyond what people say to understand the shared system of meanings we call culture” (Goulding, 2005).…show more content…
Immersion in the social structure and an explicit valuing of cultural reproduction of a particular space is part of a modern urban ethnographic style. Hence, in order to efficiently carry out the participant observation, this research conducted a multi-site-collective case study, having multiple cases and multiple sites, to cover and uncover a single issue or phenomenon (Miller & Salkind,…show more content…
In this approach life stories of particularly two cases of individuals were presented, explored and utilized as they can be used as a means of learning about some reality external to the story (Linde, 1993). Such life stories are important for the reason that the data generated in the process could reveal aspects of social change on the individual level as they also “attribute new meanings to events in light of new information” (Fevre, 2010). Kim (2016) further clarified this approach by stating that the aim of portal approach is to utilize and understand a story of an individual to mirror some reality in which the larger societal story is embedded, and hence understood. This is not to say that the individual’s life is the only interest in portal approach, rather it is the individual’s story and retelling that is used to inform the reader of the social condition and insight as to the ways of people’s lives. In this research, two life stories were seen to particularly understand the experiences seen and expressed by clubbers: the lives and interactions of Georgia and Randy. Nonetheless, they were further understood through the narration of other respondents as well as the reflexivity of the

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