Literary Analysis Of Angela's Ashes By Frank Mccourt

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Furthermore, in Angela’s Ashes, Frank McCourt continues to persevere despite the hardships he and his family had to face. The frustration of having the door slam in his face again and again, the pain of seeing his siblings die one after another, and the shame of seeing his mother begging for food fuels McCourt’s will to succeed. In the memoir, McCourt mentioned a time when he was so desperate for food that he had to “take the greasy newspaper from the floor. [He licks] the front page….[He licks] the headlines….[He licks] the obituaries and the sad memorial poems…. [He sucks] the paper til there isn’t a smidgen of grease” (McCourt, 296). This may be one the lowest points in McCourt’s memoir. At this point, even uncle Ab, who had offered the…show more content…
The McCourt family experienced hopelessness many times and albeit there were a few relative that were willing to help, the family did not actually receive much help. Afterwards, she sang “拥有梦的人世界多么疯狂都不害怕... 我愿相信生命就要天亮 我愿相信痛苦里有宝藏.” Because she has a dream, she is not afraid of the obstacles in life. Instead, she is willing to believe life will dawn and pain will lead to treasures. Dawn in literature is a symbol for hope and a new beginning. By comparing life to a day and saying that life will dawn means there is always hope in life. In addition, in the music video, Zhang performed her song while standing on top of huge rocks at the seaside. Her black dress and high ponytail gives her the feeling of a warrior to show her fearlessness and readiness to fight the obstacles in life. Even though she is suffering, she still believes that she will be rewarded for her pain, showing her determination and fearlessness. This is very similar to Frank McCourt. The hunger, the losses, and even the typhoid fever was not able to stop him from wanting to learn or wanting to go to America. His determination supported him, keeping him…show more content…
The tragedy provides many examples of how emotions can lead to bad decision making. In the play, Iago’s “representation of both Othello and Desdemona is degraded: Othello is a liar, while Desdemona is a simpleton who has believed his lies” (Macaulay, 263) as a result of his hate on Othello. To go as far as constructing a plan to ruin Othello’s life because Iago was upset over some rumors shows how much emotions influence human actions. Furthermore, Iago sees himself as a “someone who has been poisoned psychologically by fear, a sense of inadequacy, and hate. What he wishes on Othello and Cassio is what he believes has already been inflicted upon himself. Iago is consumed by a desire to best those whom he feels rightly or wrongly have wronged him” (263). His negative emotions cause him to see himself as a victim which gives him justification for his actions. He starts by “[abusing] Othello’s ear / That [Cassio] is too familiar with his wife… The Moor is of a free and open nature / That thinks men honest that but seem to be so, / And will as tenderly be led by th' nose / As asses are” (Shakespeare, 55). Iago plans to manipulate Othello by telling him lies that his wife, Desdemona, is having an affair with the lieutenant because he knows Othello loves Desdemona. Iago’s jealousy became an obsession to take revenge on Othello. In the end, Iago’s master plan worked.

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