Digitalization And Digitalization: The Concept Of Digital Revolution

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The concept of digital revolution is on a high level easily understood things that were exclu-sively in the physical world are nowadays moving towards being digital. Digitization is the term which is trending now all over the world. All sectors in the world want to digitalize its business models to improve their process and can respond to the customer quickly. Exactly saying what is digitalization. Digitalization is nothing but the process of having the data in the digital-ized format which can be understood and which can be accessed from anywhere in the world by anyone who is related to that organization. Digitization can be defined as the process of converting information either written, verbal forms into a digital format. In this format,…show more content…
Another well-known, more holistic definition for the term is that “digital transfor-mation can be understood as the changes that digital technology causes or influences in all aspects of human life” Another interesting definition by Lankshear and Knobel defines digital transformation as the third and ultimate level of digital literacy that “is achieved when the digital usages which have been developed enable innovation and creativity and stimulate significant change within the professional or knowledge domain”. This explanation would seem to go deeper than some of the others in that it actually explores the motivation for and consequences of undergoing digital…show more content…
This division helps explain how digital transformation is happening in the different parts of the organization. Customer Experience was broken down into three sub segments: customer understanding, top line growth and customer touch points. An interesting notion about this division is that traditionally customer experience has only been seen from the point of view of the different touch points. Here Westerman et al. paint a more comprehensive picture by adding the ele-ments of digital sales and marketing and streamlining processes (top line growth), as well as new means of understanding customers in the digital domain. While the most apparent changes are the new digital customer touch points that web and mobile have enabled, I per-sonally see the part about better customer understanding and even value co-creation as an extremely interesting addition to the traditional picture of customer experience since digital provides entirely new tools for being able to more cost-effectively understand customers on a large scale and proactively develop the holistic customer experience based on those insights, as opposed to a narrow minded optimization of the existing touch

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