Advantages And Disadvantages Of Hardcore

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Of all the game modes in Minecraft, the Hardcore mode is the most formidable in that the player only has one life. In other game modes, the player becomes, in a sense, complacent thinking one still has another life or lives to go back to. Not so in the Hardcore mode where due to the restriction of having only one life, playing it out carefully and with extreme caution is a must. Another feature of this mode is that the player cannot change to another level of difficulty if challenges become overwhelming. Further, Hardcore mode is different from other game modes in that when the player dies, the world is deleted and cannot be created. To continue playing, the player creates a new world. What makes this mode even more difficult for the player is that cheats command and bonus chests are disabled. Even more so, credits are not easily attained and needs several attempts to acquire one. This…show more content…
Nevertheless, the challenges posed by the Hardcore mode need not faze you as there are tricks you can do to overcome Hardcore’s hurdles, face the Ender Dragon and come out the winner. With the seemingly insurmountable difficulties thrown to you by Hardcore, winning the game is even more satisfying and fulfilling. Below are tricks to make the game less formidable when used carefully: 1) Caution calls for you to always watch your back. There are creepers and ghasts that are not detected by sound and loves to ambush you whenever opportunity presents itself; 2) Avoid attacking multiple mobs as this increases your chances of death. You cannot know what threats are coming from many angles if you attack multiple mobs; 3) Plan and think out your moves carefully. It is not wise for you to take unnecessary risks as you only have one life which, therefore, makes it imperative for you to be cautious. 4) Create plenty of torches over your shelter as the light will help you ward off threats and allow you to survive a

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