Genocide In The Film 'Rwanda' By Paul Rusesabagina

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The movie “hotel Rwanda” relates a true story of Paul Rusesabagina, a hotel manager in Rwanda who did everything he could to keep his family and thousands of other refugees safe during the struggle occasioned by the Hutus. In this movie the author addresses various issues such as genocide, race, social Inequality, Mass media, and globalization, occurred in Africa at that time. Genocide The Genocide in Rwanda started with the political, racial, and social conflicts between the members of the Hutu (the majority population in Rwanda) who murdered almost a million people, 20% of the country’s total population mostly of them the Tutsi (minority) 70% of the Tutsi, another groups of people also living in Rwanda. The Hutu also killed some of their own members known as “moderate Hutus” because they would not be totally agree with their ideas. In the movie we can se how the genocide spread throughout the country, leaving thousands of Rwandans dead and many more were displaced from their homes. Most of the leaders of this organization were people occupying high positions at the national government and people with influences outside the country. If the two groups got along during so many years I don’t understand why wouldn’t they continue how they were before, instead of killing big part of the country. Genocide was not the best solution to…show more content…
In the Movie “Hotel Rwanda” we can see how people were killed on the streets like animals, children, old people, men and women all with not distinctions at all. It really hit my heart the part when the Manager of the hotel was driving back from the streets and he found all those corpses on the road, and yet he had to keep driving on the dead bodies; it remembered me to the Holocaust occurred in Germany where about six million Jews

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