Plant Liquids Lab Report

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This experiment is about how a plant is affected by different liquids. In this experiment a sunflower seed will be used because the grow very fast and results can be gathered quickly. There are 9 sunflowers in total being used in the experiment. Three plants will be given the following liquids to live off of. These liquids are water, milk and coke. Plants react differently to different liquids. They way plants react to certain liquids depends on the DNA in their cells. All plants are made of small things called cells. Each plant has trillions of them. They are the basic unit of life in all organisms. In a plant cell there are 13 basic parts to it. These parts are the nucleus, cytosol, chloroplast, golgi complex, cell membrane, central…show more content…
That energy then can be used to make proteins. Without the mitochondria no energy could be made inside the plant cell. The cytoskeleton is another part of a plant cell. It is like the framework of the plant cell. The cytoskeleton is also like the bones in a humans body. Thin strands of fibers or protein strands make up the cytoskeleton. In the cytoskeleton there are also Microtubes. They help some organelles stay in place and help others move. Microfilaments are thinner strands of fiber in the cytoskeleton that help the cell change shape. Chloroplast is a green structure in plants that look like a bean. In this organelle chlorophyll is stored. The chlorophyll in a plant is where the plant gets its food from. This organelle captures sunlight. Every color from the light is absorbed except green. That is why plants leaves are the color green. With the energy from the sunlight food can be made. The process of making sunlight into food in a plant is called photosynthesis. Photosynthesis in a plant requires sunlight, water and carbon dioxide to make food for the plant. The food made from photosynthesis is called sugar. As a waste oxygen is released from the plant. The sugar made from photosynthesis is called glucose. Glucose is stored energy that can be…show more content…
Then a shoot grows upward. Eventually the food stored inside the seed is used up. When the seed leaves disappear the plants true leaves appear. The sunflower seed is grown in soil. Soil is made up of many different objects. This objects are non living or once living cells. The objects that are in soil are tiny pieces of broken soil, dead animals, dead plants and the waste of creatures. All these things make the soil rich and filled with nutrition. A sunflower grows best without any other plants around it. If a sunflower has a plant growing around it the sunflower may die or take a very long time to grow. This is because the plant will be competing with the other for water and sunlight. To grow a sunflower fastest it must be put in a separate pot with no other plants around it or it must be grown away from other plants. These are the steps a sunflower seed goes through to become a mature adult sunflower. In the spring a sunflower seed is plant into warm, damp soil. The seed must be planted about four centimeters in the soil. If the plant is planted any higher it may be washed away by rain or blown away by wind. If it is planted too deep the plant won’t be able to shoot up and receive sunlight. The plant won’t be able to

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