Ethical Violations In Criminal Justice

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Latashia Abbott Ethical Violation Paper CJS/211 Ethics in Criminal Justice Instructor: Janet Evans August 21, 2017 Officer Dennis Spaulding age 30 and three other officers charged with Criminal Civil Rights Violations against citizens in the East Haven Connecticut community mainly Hispanic’s. According to the community the four police officers who worked the four to midnight shift known as the Miller’s Boy’s was well known and feared by many in the growing Hispanic community according to residents and federal authorities. It has been told that the four officers would stop and detained people, but particularly immigrants without any reasons. They were also known to get physical by slapping, hitting, and kicking citizens when they were already…show more content…
Members who are in the criminal justice system makes extremely critical decisions everyday and these decisions can have an extremely an effect on other livers. It is only right for these men and women to do the right thing. So it is very important for professionals that work in the criminal justice file to know their ethics because bad decisions can cause a huge up roar and problems. Ways I feel that these ethical violations could have been avoided they could have selected quality people and created a code of conduct and let it be made known in employee orientation sessions that if any employee acts unethically that they would be terminated. But first of all they needed someone to lead by example and get rid of the ones who do not take their jobs seriously and those who commit unethical acts against citizens. There are cases on a daily basis that are not publicized and reported should be but are not because of fear. REFERENCE Criminal Justice Ethics for Everyone.” Criminal Justice Ethics for Everyone - PoliceLink, Developer. “Ethics in the Criminal Justice System.” Higher Education, 8 July 2017, Police Corruption: An Analytical Look into Police Ethics.” FBI, FBI, 22 Feb. 2011,

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