Short Essay On Aerobic Exercise

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Cardiovascular activities (or, "aerobic exercise") is a physical exercise that is designed to promote respiratory circulation through the cardiovascular system. Cardiovascular activities sustain an elevation of heart rate to 60 to 85 percent of its maximum rate, for prolonged periods of time, which increases the level of oxygen-rich blood to the muscles used performing such exercises. This type of exercise, along with resistance training and a healthy diet, is one of the most important components of excessive weight-loss and/or managing one's weight. The word "aerobic" literally means "with oxygen" and thus, oxygen plays a key role in cardiovascular activities. The filtration of oxygen actually helps one to burn calories during these cardio exercises. Proper filtration of oxygen effectively increases metabolism. Shallow, diminished breaths of air do to process effectively. Deeper, paced breathing can aid in burning 140% more calories while engaging in cardiovascular exercises, than while engaging in exercises of less physical exertion. Therefore,…show more content…
Muscle-building, too, helps to burn more calories. When your body isn't burning calories, it is storing calories as fat. This is what creates weight-gain and leads to many healthy problems, such as obesity and many different obesity-related diseases. Cardiovascular exercises are very beneficial to people who have massive amounts of weight to lose, as aerobics promotes deeper breathing and extended durations of movement of the body. Cardiovascular exercises will not only promote weight-loss, but will also help to strengthen your heart and lungs. More efficient lung capacity will, in turn, allow you to breath more deeply and burn even more calories per hour. Cardiovascular wellness is imperative to combating the onset of heart disease or obesity. Aerobics also helps to strengthen muscle and increase bone

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