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My View On Rollershoes The roller shoes have become one of the favorite toys of contemporary children with their various use model and powerful portable function. In addition to the entertainment function, roller skates can also help children's motor neurogenesis. It can be said that roller skates are one of the indispensable toys for children. More detailed instructions will be given below. First, roller shoes are more cost-effective than other toys. In China, a lot of toys on the market that have extremely age limits, and the best use of each toy is one to two years. The toys, which are pricey but short on time, are being phased out. In contrast, roller shoes have extremely strong universality. You can use it to adults and toddlers. Roller…show more content…
In the eyes of parents, children's bones are fragile. When their children playing roller skates, any accident will cause unnecessary friction, leading to complications. The famous pediatrician Martha sears has said that parents should teach their children how to protect themselves, rather than simply ban them, in the face of possible dangers. Not only does this not only fail to protect the effect, but will arouse the child's reverse psychology, has the reaction. There are a number of ways to safely slip a wheel, such as a harness or a flat, empty square. Roller skates are not dangerous and roller skates have many advantages. So, roller skates are the best toys for children. As an important toy to children, rollshoes will bring children unusually experience and belief. For parents, rollshoes is the cheapest way to help children build a strong body. So, rollshoes is an important toy to…show more content…
Firstly, roller shoes are more cost-effective than other toys. Secondly, children can learn a lot of things in the process of roller shoes. First,roller skates require excellent balance and technique. In other words, skating is not easy. In the process of practicing roller skating, children must learn how to overcome difficulties on their own and learn how to solve problems. Second, sliding wheels can also help children build confidence. I still remember the joy of skating with my little friends when I was a child. When I ahead of the other friends, the joy and small pride that arises spontaneously from the bottom of my

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