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INTRODUCTION. Platypus or Malanggong (Ornithorhynchus anatinus) is a semi aquatic, endemic mammal in the eastern Australia. It is the only mammal that lay eggs instead of giving birth and it is the only representative of the family (Ornithorhynidae) and genus (Ornithorhynchus). The scientific name of Ornithorhynchus anatinus literally means “bird-nose” and anatinus means bird in Greek. Some experts says that, platypus is one of the mammals that has poison in the leg spurs. Platypus is endemic species belong to Australia and dependent to the stream, river, and the bodies of the freshwater. This species was present in the eastern Queensland and New South Wales, eastern central and southwestern Victoria and throughout Tasmania. The taxonomy of…show more content…
It has a structure similar to beavers tale but also like birds and reptiles with a duck’s beak and legs extended. They spent their life almost entirely in water. A typical platypus is 15 inches which is to be estimated as 38 centimeters from head to rump ad its tail give addition to its length which is 5 inches (13 centimeters). The weight is 1.4 kg and according to the Australian Platypus Conservatory that the platypus that lives in the warmers area is smaller than the platypus that lives in the colder climate. The anatomy belongs to the platypus quite rare. It is not look like a bird neither a reptile but platypus has a duck-like beak and feet wide pedaling like waterfowl and nesting venomous like reptile. At the first glance, platypus does look like an assembly of diverse parts of each different animal. Due to its strange look, when it was first preserved in the Europe in the end of 18th century, the biologist believed that, what they have seen is the human work. They believed that it is one of the artificial creature created by the expert in the taxidermy that combined the entity from the otters and the giant duck beak sewn

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