The Civil Rights Movement In Malcolm Gladwell's Small Change

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In Malcolm Gladwell’s Small Change, he argues about building strong ties. A strong connection to a personal matter can bring about great change as seen in the Civil Rights Movement and other protests. Would protests be affected if the members did not personally identify with the matter at hand? Individuals would argue, without having a personal connection to the protest it could affect your credibility later on. Some people would find it difficult to understand a man advocating for women’s rights. Men in the protest are not directly affected by women’s problems, let alone understand the hardships that some women go through. In Gladwell’s piece, sacrifice and connection are important to being considered a true activist. In Return to Haynesville, Gregory Orr revisits the small town in Alabama where he was abducted by armed men while driving…show more content…
At the age of 16 he joined the civil rights group known as CORE to help fight for equal rights. Orr risked his life and sacrificed his health to help end segregation peacefully. Although some would say Orr was not physically connected to the Civil Rights Movement based on the color of his skin, Orr’s confession compliments his connection as defined by Gladwell. Orr was not an African American but that did not prevent him from creating a connection to others in the Civil Rights Movement. Towards the middle of the twentieth century, segregation was alive and deeply rooted into the minds of many individuals. African Americans had to endure the physical and social environment of whites wherever they went. There was no way to avoid the constant threats of the public. In Orr’s piece, he saw this as an opportunity to “lose himself in the worthwhile work” and help the civil rights movement (Orr 217). Orr felt responsible for killing his younger brother, and also feels partly responsible for the treatment of blacks since he is also white. Gregory Orr was connected to

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