Relationship Between Romeo And Juliet

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Verona- On Friday, July 15th of 1592 at10:00 am Est. on the corner of Market Street and St. Luke Street in Verona, Italy, a forceful conversation turn’d into a fighteth between the meiny of the house of the Capulet and the house of the Montague. The fighteth broke out in the center of Market Street near its intersection with St. John’s street in Verona. Eyewitnesses state that the fight started when Sampson, one of Lord Capulet’s servants, degradingly bit his thumb at Abraham, one of Lord Montague’s servants. They drew their bodkins and started fighting. The brawl continued as the kingsmen of the two fmailies, Tybalt and Benvolio, joined in as well. Many citizens reported witnessing the Prince of Verona, Prince Escalus, stopping the conflict
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